As Özkul Tekstil since 1912, we help find the perfect carpet and customize of your life and worship areas.

In addition to the perfect carpet, we help you give the final touch to a space by providing aesthetics and comfort.

Since 2015, 80% of our production is exported to five continents all around the world from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Russia and Saudi Arabia to the USA.

In Özkul Tekstil, every stage of production is supervised by our quality control personnel. Therefore, we guarantee that our carpets will provide customer satisfaction. We would like to express that the quality of our carpets will be understood as soon as they are placed in their usage areas and the difference will even more apparent over time.

The tradition of quality carpet production has been implemented for 107 years and it continues to be applied in our completely modernized facilities.

Dr. Mehmet Akarsu Mh. Ahi Evran San. Sit. Buhara Cd. No:1 Demirci – Manisa

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F: +90 236 462 10 25

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